Silver American Eagles $3.12 Over Spot – Cheaper than APMEX by 77 Cents an Ounce – UPDATED $2.35 Over Spot – Guaranteed Lowest Price

4-2-2015 UPDATE; To see our current pricing for Silver Eagles and all other coins, go here: https://buygoldandsilversafely.com/gold-and-silver-prices/

Lowest prices in the nation; We look at all of our competitors pricing each week and simply undercut them in price giving you the best pricing with FREE Shipping on all orders. Please bookmark the above link for future reference.

4/4/2013 UPDATE: I can get the Silver Eagles @ $2.35 over spot plus the 1% commission for orders of 500 or more.

2/20/2013 UPDATE: With the falling price of metals, the premium over spot has also fallen. We are now, as of 2/20/2013, selling the Silver American Eagles at $2.85 over spot. APMEX is selling 500 or more at $2.99 over spot and 100-499 coins at $3.49 over spot, a savings of $.64 cents an ounce.  We guarantee the lowest prices in the nation.


One of the biggest companies selling gold and silver that’s out there, APMEX, is selling One Ounce American Silver Eagles 77 cents higher per ounce than we here at Buy Gold and Silver Safely are!

It’s hard to get the word out about the low prices we have here at Buy Gold and Silver Safely. I received an email today from a competitor with their pricing on Silver Eagles. What I find interesting is how much more they are actually priced than us.

Below is a screen shot of APMEX current pricing based on the spot price at present;


APMEX advertises 1 oz American Silver Eagle coins “As low as $3.89 per coin over spot!” Of course that price is if you buy 500 or more coins. If you buy less than 500 Silver Eagles, the price is 50 cents a coin higher or $1.27 more than we charge.

The Math Shows You Save $385 Per Monster Box of Silver Eagles

To do some math for you, a typical sale of 500 coins (Monster Box) you would pay .77 x 500 = $385 more per Monster Box (500 coins). I don’t know about you, but $385 is a lot of money and can buy you a few nice dinners out with the wife and kids. Why not have those dinners on us and save the $385? We also don’t charge you 10 cents more per coin for 2013 American Silver Eagles like APMEX does (a savings of 87 cents per ounce).

We don’t spend our money advertising all over the internet like APMEX does. Perhaps if we budgeted dollars towards advertising on Google, we would charge more, but it makes more sense to charge you less. Because of this philosophy, we do a lot of repeat business for those that do find us by reading one of our articles. We also don’t sell numismatic or rare coins which is a company policy like no other gold dealer in the U.S. Why do you want to buy rare or numismatic or pretty coins when all you are trying to do is insure your wealth? If the economy did tank, no one is going to care you have a shiny coins versus what the weight of the gold or silver is that gives you purchasing power.

Our One Ounce Silver American Eagles are right now priced at $3.12 over spot. The minimum order is $5,000.

Why pay more for your Silver American Eagles?

Call and speak to a representative today at 888-604-6534

Lowest prices guaranteed!


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