Will Gold Fall Below the 1980 Peak of $850?

AAPL 5 Year

When seeing what Market Makers and Hedge Fund Managers can do with stocks as they have with Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX)  and Herbalife (HLF), could we also see the Professionals push gold lower to break the 1980 high of $850 and hear the financial media declare the gold bug dead? How would the pro gold crowd react to such a move? Is this scenario out of the realm of possibility? Breaking Through Psychological Price Points While the $1,000 mark for gold is a psychological breaking point, … [Read more...]

Conversation with Axel Merk on Gold and Euro at FreedomFest – Merk Funds


Last week I was at FreedomFest in Las Vegas and met many who are influential in the advising of what investors should do with their money. I met hedge fund manager and author Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of business magazine Forbes, John Stossel and Sentator Rand Paul. I gave each of them the currency I created called the Barackazillion, which mocks our current currency (in more ways than one) because it can be printed on a printing press. I told each of them it's the world … [Read more...]

Why Gold and Silver Prices are Declining Along with Dollar

gold manipulation

Today we saw gold and silver take a big hit. Normally this would be the result of a stronger dollar, but the dollar also took a big hit today. So what's really going on here? Why are gold and silver prices falling along with the dollar of late? I wrote the article Thoughts On Gold Price Manipulation the day before the latest Fed meeting where the Fed came out and announced more Quantitative Easing and tying the continuation of future easing to a 6.5% or below 0unemployment rate. Gold … [Read more...]

Thoughts On Gold Price Manipulation


  Something doesn't add up. On the one hand we have sales of gold American Eagle coins soaring as well as inflows into the 14 U.S. listed precious-metal ETFs like GLD, rising by more than $282 million last week. Yet from the graph below we see the price of gold in the last month and year time-frame has actually turned negative. Manipulation of the Stock Market? To first decipher whether there can be manipulation in the gold market, one can look to the stock market for … [Read more...]

Buying The Dip In Silver and More Conversations With CFA’s And Bubble Forecasters

Is silver a bubble? Or did we just experience a blow-off top from the highs a few weeks ago? This article is derived from a conversation I had recently in replying to an article on the financial website Seeking Alpha written by CFA, Michael A. Gayed called Silver: From First to Worst. I always enjoy my conversations with Michael as he participates in the conversation with good analysis rather than claiming myths about gold and silver like others with the same designation. I am not usually … [Read more...]