Glenn Beck vs. Rep. Anthony Weiner, Who’s Right? An Insider’s View Into the Gold Dealer Industry

In answering the question, who is right, Glenn Beck or Anthony Weiner, in a sense they are both wrong. Glenn Beck is wrong about supporting a company that pushes bullion coins at higher prices than what could be had elsewhere. Anthony Weiner is wrong in wanting to regulate an industry that only needs an informed citizenry to weed out the bad companies.

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5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Invested in Gold and Silver

There are many legitimate reasons why you are not invested in these metals and most of them show the deck is stacked against you in learning the truth about gold and silver. This article will reveal the five reasons why you haven’t yet invested in gold and silver.

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Buy Gold and Silver Safely, the Lowest Cost Way to Purchase Gold and Silver Bullion, Is Open for Business

Buy Gold and Silver Safely; The Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Company It’s official!  Buy Gold and Silver Safely, the lowest cost way to purchase gold and silver bullion, is open for business. We only charge 1% above our costs and guarantee not to be undersold. The goal at Buy Gold and Silver Safely is simply to undercut the market …

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Why Is the U.S. Dollar Price of Gold Falling?

Let’s face it. With yield on treasuries and CD’s so low, those who have lived off of the interest from their various investments have seen their income fall considerably. To prevent having to dip into principal and deplete one’s savings, investors are now choosing to put their money in financial instruments that offer a better return.

But is gold still a good investment?

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