Gold and Silver Current Thoughts 8-10-2015

From my Current Thoughts yesterday;

We will break out of this range in gold soon I feel. Perhaps this week and I think we break to the upside. But we need the dollar to break down in my opinion and that may come as we simply are not hearing about Greece and Europe (therefore the Euro) of late, even though nothing has been resolved there. From one side of the sinking currency ship to the other we go so keep an eye on the Euro for some strength which by default will be dollar negative.

Today the dollar fell to 97.17, ever closer to a micro break down below that 97 mark and gold and silver had a nice day. Would love to see the dollar follow through and fall below 97 tomorrow and continue the fun.

Yesterday’s ETF Research Trading Analysis I had this to say about gold and gold mining stocks;

Gold is trying to bounce and hit $1,100 Friday only to close just above where it was Thursday. I sold my JNUG for a profit and bought back again at the end of the day and am still holding. Maybe I get a break come Monday and if gold can get past $1,100 I will hold onto it and add to it. Yes, I am waiting patiently for this trade to develop as I am sure many of you are too. But we have to keep stops when wrong.  

Today I sold my JNUG for a nice profit and I will look to possibly buy again tomorrow.

Not bad advice for a 2 week free trial for those that took me up on it, and I even told everyone exactly what I was doing before JNUG took off. Today JNUG was up 17.39%. I have also made calls on other ETFs that are doing well and with the market reversal today share my thoughts. You can read these thoughts for free for 2 weeks and see if you can jump on some trades and pay for the years worth of service. I think you can.

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Our Mining Package I haven’t spoken about much of late. I know many of you have signed up already and we thank you. The only mining stock I had called over the last 4 months is positive for those months. That should tell you something about the timing I have for these miners.

Some of them have triggered long just today and are set to be buys tomorrow with my instructions.

You can still sign up for the mining package here (and it includes, depending on which option you choose, a free time period of up to one year for the ETF Service as well as my picks for 10 junior miners in the weeks ahead.

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If you have any questions, reach out to us at and we will be happy to answer those questions for you.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

For those wondering, yes I do plug my services now and then. That’s because I believe in them. I have shown over and over what I think is going to happen next in the gold and silver markets and my 29 years experience in the markets can help you make money. That’s all I want you to do! Make money!



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