The Mining Package is available for purchase. The upside potential for the mining companies we have researched is huge; from 100% to 500% or more, but the most important aspect to achieving these returns is the timing in purchasing the recommendations and we help you with that as well.

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In this Mining Package you will receive the best of the best companies that we have fully researched and completed our own financial analysis for. This research includes analysis of annual reports, financial data, 10Q’s, mining data and other risk assessments including all in sustaining cost figures and various financial ratios that reveal the truth about a company.

Risk Analysis

For the Mining Package there are 25 mining companies that made the top tier list and will be ranked according to whether they are considered conservative, moderate and aggressive. The conservative portfolio analysis is for those at or near retirement that want to achieve the potential for good returns with strong companies.

You will receive this list immediately where you can begin to do your own due diligence with the information provided.

Junior Minor Picks

In addition to the above as part of the Mining Package we will be adding 10 more junior miner stocks that aren’t yet ready for primetime but could become takeover candidates in the future. Some of these junior mining stocks can be home runs and the returns phenomenal. If gold prices fall, many gold junior miners will declare bankruptcy just like Allied Nevada recently did. The last thing you want is to buy a company that goes under. We are sifting through the over 900 companies and will provide you with the best of the best with the hope that many of them will be takeover targets. This is where some real good money can be made.


For the Mining Package we will be including the analysis of timing for each of the mining company that made the cut as to when they are a buy and whether you should be on the sidelines and wait for a better entry price.

Why Gold Will Move Higher

For the Mining Package we will be including a thorough analysis of why gold will go up in price in the years to come with each Mining Package. Think of it this way; what has a better chance of doubling in price, gold to the $2,400 and silver to the $30’s range or the Dow to the 36,000 range? Even if gold and silver didn’t get back to where they were in 2011, many gold mining stocks could easily double or more as the price of gold and silver rebound. We think we will eventually shatter the 2011 highs and that is why we are including a sell-strategy as well with the Mining Package.

IRA and 401k Recommendations and Strategy

What’s great about buying mining stocks in your IRA or 401k is that you don’t have to pay any taxes on the appreciation or sale of the stock. This is a huge savings if you can purchase these mining stocks especially if they appreciate the way we think they can if history is any judge.

For the 1, 2 and 3 year packages there are also recommendations for those who wish to invest in mining stocks with their IRA’s and 401k’s as well as tax saving ideas for non-IRA funds. We will be addressing the following 3 areas. This applies to those who have a 401k at work and feel the need to diversify as well;

1. For those with 401k’s we present a way for those over age 59 1/2 to diversify into mining stocks with any brokerage even while staying at your same company. It is a well known fact that 401k’s offer very little access to alternative investments but primarily force participants to choose among various professionally managed mutual funds where 80% of them don’t beat the market. Now you can take control and diversify into mining stocks that are poised for great returns with money currently tied up in your 401k.

2. For those under age 59 1/2 we present options for investing in mining stocks with your 401k as well that you may not be aware of.

3. For non-IRA money we are including a strategy as part of the 1, 2 and 3 year packages a way to sell appreciated mining stocks in the future without paying a tax on the capital gain and those gains we think are going to be huge.  We can’t think of a better win/win situation for you; make a good profit and pay little in taxes.

On the Cusp of Something Big

Many over the last couple years have called the bottom of the gold market several times including recommendations for buying gold and silver mining stocks only to see those shares sink to lower lows. We were one of the only one’s who recommended selling mining stocks in September of 2010 when the HUI was trading at 512. We are now on the cusp of something big with gold mining stocks. We think we have the timing right moving forward as well but caution those who want to buy now as we think a lower low in gold is around the corner.

Much has transpired in the mining industry since that call with many companies disappearing or being taken over. Today many companies are struggling with the lower prices for gold and silver and if we do get a further pullback in prices, more companies will go bankrupt. Knowing which companies have the best opportunity moving forward and the timing in purchasing them will be key to you getting returns that we believe will be in the 100% to 500% range and possibly much higher for some of these mining stocks we recommend.

The Picks

After 9 months of thorough research and patience in releasing this package to the general public, we now feel this research will lead you to the best mining stocks offering you the highest degree of upward price movement moving forward. These stocks we believe will most likely survive any further down turn in gold and silver prices and at the same time many of these companies and future companies we recommend will offer the best opportunity as takeover targets as the price of gold and silver move higher. The nice part is we provide you with a roadmap of when to buy based on our research and analysis.

4 Options for Mining Package and 1 Option for Trading Leveraged ETFs

The Mining Package will come to you in an online form where you will have a password to access. Because many prefer to hold a hard copy of the research we provide instead of an online version,  you will have the ability to choose a hard copy FedEx’d to you at an additional cost.

Nothing is guaranteed, and with that we do believe that this information and the timing will get us to that 100% – 500% returns and more in the years ahead.

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