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Testimonial – Ken H.

I began using Doug Eberhardt’s ETF Research Trading Analysis service a few month’s ago.  Up until a couple of year’s ago, I was a buy and hold investor, but the loss of bond earnings took away my ability to balance my portfolio.  I then got into buying and selling various gold and silver ETF’s.  I had mixed results from that.  I then learned about Doug’s service through a fellow investor.  I have achieved exceptional results from following his Trading Rules and ETF recommendations.  Most of my trades have been within one day, although a few have carried over into two to three days of trading.  Most of my trades have been less than $10,000, but none have exceeded $20,000 in total funds traded at any one time.  During that time, I have earned $10,199 net of commissions.  I have had only two losses: one where I stopped out with a “stop loss”, and another where I failed to set a stop loss.  I have learned that if I study, learn and follow Doug’s Trading Rules and his daily Trading Analysis recommendations, I can achieve outstanding returns and minimize losses.  I highly recommend this service for those who are willing to commit the time.

For those who are starting the 2 week free trial and reading this analysis, please read the Trading Rules to understand the color coding below (available with 2 week free trial). Also, this analysis can be used to help you trade your own IRA’s or other pension plans. While hedge funds and mutual fund managers can’t beat the indexes, you can with the right guidance that this analysis provides.

Below are the actual trades and returns for the 7/14 – 7/27 time-frame. We follow 46 leveraged ETFs and offer buy and sell data to help you make profitable trades. The following are trades that triggered during the last couple weeks.

 7-27 ETF Returns


CURRENT 7/27 ETF Research Analysis


The dollar finally did break below 97 on the index, but the miners and gold are now lagging gold a bit. They tried to stage a rally but the bears took over. DUST is acting a little weak and my trigger a sell if we open red tomorrow. JDST we already stopped out of and DSLV may trigger red tomorrow too if we do get a push higher in metals with the dollar breaking down a bit. While the dollar and gold don’t always trade inverse to each other, gold should catch up to the dollar weakness given enough time. I said yesterday that these miners were “too tough to call at this point so let the price action dictate your trade or look for something that has a clearer signal.” One could have scalped the higher high in any of these today and made a little profit but I wouldn’t marry any of them just yet. I lean long the JNUG, USLV, GDXJ, NUGT, GDX overall unless we open lower and break to new lows. If that were to occur I would continue to trade the trend with JDST, DUST and DSLV. But those 3 are breaking down a bit with the volatility they experienced today.


What can I say about our friend YANG? It got us  11.78% more today or 9.72 points. Some may want to take some profit on a move like this. At a minimum move stops from 80.19 to 90.07 locking in 11 points since last Wednesday. YANG may be on its way to test the 105.90 mark from July and we’ll just have to see how much China capitulates.


DWTI got us 7.19% more or 8.48 points to close at 126.42, near the high of the day. Move stops up to 120.38 or higher if you are conservative. Still want to see that 133 resistance level obtained and we are only 7 points from it. We could get a pullback from there. I do however keep 160 as a longer term goal.

ERY got us 1.07 more points. I would move stop to 26.28.

UGAZ and DGAZ still don’t have a clear trend and are difficult to play right now.


TQQQ would only be a buyer at a break of 117.39 but closed much lower at 114.93 and we have been out of it.

Said to scalp UVXY on a move past 29.88 and it opened at 31.39 and hit a high of 33.47. You may have got some of it. It has NOT triggered long on the weekly yet, but we are trying to get something out of it.

FAZ was an entry at 10.46 yesterday and moved up to 10.80 today. Move stop to 10.72.

RUSS got us 7.95% more or 3.05 points. Move stop from 37.58 to 40.52 and lock in even more nice profit no matter what now. It did break 39.70 and we are now looking to try and get to the next resistance at 45.72.


TLT got us .65 more points and move stop to 121.48.

7-27 a 7-27 b

How Often Will the Research Come?

The research will come to you Sunday (in preparation for Monday’s market) through Thursday, 5 days a week. It will supply you with the setups that I see each day including entry prices and exit/profit/stop recommendations.

My only goal is to make your trading more profitable. I believe you can achieve some very nice returns with this insight that the ETF Research Trading Analysis offers.

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