Current Thoughts 1/9/2017

Gold topped out on Monday and is now beginning its next leg down to below 1220 as the dollar heads higher. USD/JPY should begin to head higher as well. This also means that silver is ready to move lower too. It should break 16 on the way down here. We will then bottom out and have a nice false move …

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Current Thoughts 11/08/2017

We’ve got mixed signals in gold and silver right now. Part of those mixed signals come from the fact that we are bearish the micro move still in an overall bull move in metals. Gold and silver can still move down to the $1,240-$1,250 area and from there I would be making some purchases (anything below $1,250). Part of the …

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Current Thoughts 10/22/2017

Precious Metals and Mining Stocks Analysis USD/JPY took off higher and that is putting pressure on metals, knocking them down to the levels we have discussed. Further analysis below. It’s clear that Funds are not buying this rally in the dollar index because they remain net short. This means that the possibility of a massive short squeeze is very real. …

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