Gold Kills Cancer and the Media Is Silent

Can gold cure cancer? The answer may be a resounding YES!  But will Bernanke, the FDA and Congress allow it? Why isn’t the media behind this?

Some History on the Issue;

60 Minutes did a segment on “The Kanzius Machine” where “John Kanzius fought his leukemia head on, inventing a machine that may someday offer effective treatment for cancers without the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.” Source

Kanzius passed away from his leukemia, but his work lives on with millions in grants to expand his technology.

This Kanzius Machine uses radio frequency (RF)

“This novel collaboration will help us sharpen a promising potential therapy that destroys tumors by using radio waves to heat up gold nanoparticles embedded inside them,” Curley said.This approach was invented by the late John Kanzius, an entrepreneur, former radio station owner and M. D. Anderson patient who knew that radio waves, which usually pass harmlessly through the body, will cook any metal in their path. “The key to making this work is to so precisely target nanoparticles to the tumor that you destroy the tumor with radio waves while sparing other tissue,” Curley said.” Source

The RF treatment destroyed 100 percent of malignant cells injected with nanoparticles…” Source

100%!  ….and no radiation/side effects!

You hear that Bernanke?

While the use of gold nanoparticles to kill cancer will soon be moving from cell research to the living, I have to wonder if the reduction or elimination of capital gain taxes on gold would be too far off? Or will Bernanke fight that too in keeping with squashing competition to the almighty dollar?

Will FDA Approval Be A Problem?

This can easily be answered by the current medical and dental uses of gold in today’s society:

Gold is valuable to modern medicine because it is non-toxic and biologically benign, one of the most efficient conductors of electricity, and its density enables it to be seen under electron microscopes. And although gold is virtually indestructible, it is a soft metal, easy to work with, shape, flatten or draw out into microscopic strands.

Most gold used in dentistry is in the form of alloys, which are mixtures of gold and other metals, such as platinum, palladium, silver, copper and zinc. Gold is non-toxic and biologically inert, which makes gold ideal for use in dental procedures. It is easy for the dentist to manipulate, but strong, stiff, durable and tough — it never wears or tarnishes. It is also very resistant to chemical attack and does not corrode.

But if we ever want to have transparency in the FDA and cozy corporate relationships with Congress versus what’s in mankinds best interest, we need it here.  Big Pharma will fight this all the way, just as big Oil and big Auto tried to kill the electric car.

Crony capitalists will always be out to keep their money machines running.

Perhaps there is collusion between big Pharma, congress and other elitists. Perhaps there is not. But the fact I have to find these stories from a foreign newspaper on a gold site tells me there could be suppression. I don’t put this past our media outlets one bit.

Let my gold go!

This Kanzius Machine technology is very promising and another reason to own gold….as if we needed more than the reason for possessing gold as insurance against the falling U.S. Dollar and government spending madness.

To the media I say….you can easily be replaced. Sooner or later there will be truth in media. Right now one has to only go to the computer to find it, but at some point the two mediums will be one and the truth channels will rise to the top.

To Bernanke I say….”Let my gold go!”  Stop taxing what clearly benefits the People, both in terms of maintaining purchasing power and soon, in curing cancer.

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