Gold and Silver Current Thoughts 9-16-2015

Yesterday I said “If you don’t own gold and silver, dollar cost average into a position on the dips. Buy some now and buy some at lower prices for a better overall good price. The future will take care of itself. Governments will always screw it up.”

Tomorrow we find out if they believe their own hype. Unemployment by their accord is just fine. Economy is just fine. Stock market doing well. Real estate has bounced back. Banks are no longer an issue. Derivative meltdown potential a thing of the past. Do you fell good about the economy personally? Can you separate the economic data from the stock market euphoria? Can you trade the stock market long even though you know somethings afoot with the economy?

I could write a book on what’s wrong with the economy. I actually am, lol. But if the stock market is going higher because the perception is the Fed has everything under control, I am going long the stock market. Conversely, if gold is going lower, I don’t want to be in gold except as insurance and buying the dip when it comes. Investors are buying the dip in gold and they aren’t complaining. They don’t sell because we hit some lower lows. They know eventually is going to be some problems that develop. But tomorrows Fed decision will finally tell us what we have been waiting a year for; what THEY really think.

Today we saw a nice bounce in gold and silver. Is this the second dead cat bounce or still part of the first? I have to say still part of the first as the first one I have said was rather pathetic. It just looks like this cat has been goofing off before its eventual death (no offense to animal lovers here). In other words, no matter what happens with the Fed tomorrow, the metals will continue to fall in price.

I know many of you reading this don’t like to hear me say this, but you have to at least give me credit for saying it with conviction for so long. After you read my next book you’ll know even more on why I think the way I do about our future. You know I try to back everything up with some data and I don’t join the dollar crash/hyperinflation bandwagon like all other gold dealers. I simply want you to do the right thing. Keep in mind, as I have said many times, get some if you have none. The rest of you, I pray I can call things correctly. Tomorrow will simply be fun for me!



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