Gold and Silver Current Thoughts 7-1-2015

Gold and silver continue down the slippery slope to the November 5, 2014 lows. The mining stocks really got hammered.

Yesterday I said; “I think they will kick the can down the road and cave in again to help Greece” and that’s what happened today and as a result, the DOW went up triple digits and all is well in the world again….until the can needs kicked again.

I was asked a question today from someone about Gary North who is a person I have followed for years. He is more in the Austrian Economics camp, which I am as well, but we differ on our understanding of inflation/deflation and the dollar. As many of you know, I have been dollar bullish for some time, and have said this could have an affect on the price of gold and silver. It has. But the group below, including Gary North, have  been negative on the dollar all along and never gave deflation a chance because of their only seeing the money printing and ignoring the credit contraction that has been occurring. While true the quantitative easing has helped buoy the markets, many of these Austrians don’t give it credit for the rebound and only look at the longer term consequences of what it will do (kicking the can down the road). My eyes are wide open to the eventuality of what QE and money printing will do, but I can’t ignore the price action.

Here is what I wrote to this person;

I am familiar with Gary North. He writes for the LewRockwell.com site a lot. I don’t have any real disagreement with him except he has for the last few years (and the same goes with Rockwell, Schiff, John Williams from ShadowStats, Gerald Celente and others), not got the dollar and deflation story right. They don’t address money velocity in a way that shows the hyperinflation outlook some of them have.

I am not perfect by any means, but I did in Chapter 4 of my book Buy Gold and Silver Safely explain the roadmap and in my next book, Illusions of Wealth will be the next step towards awareness from my point of view.

All of the following are post 2011 except for North’s critique by Mish Shedlock (I could easily present this side of the story as well, and make more money using fear, but I reserve the right to time it better than these guys based on my own research – doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be right, but I am trying to work on future solutions just in case too).









Williams on hyperinflation (every year)




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