Gold and Silver Current Thoughts 6-23-2015

From the Trading Desk

Yesterday, US home sales for the month of May came in better than expected and rose by 5.1% to 5.35 million units, the best figure since 2010.  Gold had already failed two days in a row at its 200 day moving average and the positive US homes data was reason enough for it to retreat 1.50% yesterday.  Greece is in the headlines yet again with a 48 hour extension being granted for the country from its creditors.  Greece needs a new financing deal in place in order to make a payment to the International Monetary Fund at the end of June.  There is optimism that an agreement is in sight which has European equities up and the euro plunging.   Gold is down for the third day in a row as the USD takes back some lost ground.  First support for gold is at $1,170 and then below there at the third point in a long term trendline from 2008 at $1,163.  Silver had been faring well recently, especially in light of gold’s lackluster performance.  But today that has changed and silver has wiped away two weeks of gains.  It is currently down over 2.50% and next support is coming in at $15.50.

Today’s weakness in gold fits in with what I have been saying for some time, that lower lows are ahead of us. We hit a low of $1,175.70 and are presently sitting just above that at $1,176.40. As said above, the main culprit for this fall is the weaker Euro, and by default the stronger dollar. Anytime you see a quick move like this in the dollar, it is usually countered by a quick fall in gold. We never did break below last Thursday’s low in gold when so many gold bulls thought we (again) had bottomed as gold had a nice couple days. But here we are again with gold testing the lows from November 5th 2014 possibly in a few days. Will we get a bounce off this area one more time or will we finally take out those lows?

Dollar Index 6-23

We also had the 10 years back up above 2.40% today. Everything is just fine in the U.S. and the world, right?

10 Year 6-23

Do the following headlines from today support a stronger dollar and higher rates?

US factory activity growth at slowest since October 2013

Durable Goods Order Bounce Dead; Biggest Drop Since 2009

Naturally CNBC’s take on the durable goods orders was spun with a positive;

US core capital goods orders rise; transportation orders fall

As usual; ignore the data. Trade the trend.

Mining stocks tried to buck the gold trend lower today and hit some higher highs before the rug was pulled from under them once again. That’s what gold does of late. It gives you a glimmer of hope (last week) and then throws the towel in again. In the end though, holders of physical gold will win the fight.

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