Gold and Silver Current Thoughts 1-11-2015

Gold and silver have continued their climb higher and with it the miners are continuing their bounce as well. In my 2015 Predictions for Gold and Silver I wrote on Friday I spoke about the indicators I see that tell me the final lows of gold and silver are not in. If I play devil’s advocate with my views, which I have to do to keep myself honest, I try and see what else may be causing the prices to continue higher versus reverse course and continue lower. Many who are bullish gold and silver use news or other old reasoning that is rehashed such as inflation or dollar weakness. It just so happens that outside of some momentary blips, there hasn’t been any inflation or dollar weakness.

Since we all know nothing goes straight down, these bump ups in price will always come. Market makers need to do this to make money from both sides. Gold and silver are such small markets that it is easy to move them in the direction they want. It won’t always be this way mind you, but it does occur. There was even a hearing not too long ago on what these banks and other institutions do in moving markets. They admitted to Congress these things occur.

No matter what I may think of what’s going on from a higher or lower perspective, we must look at price action and if you trade, follow the trend whether it is short lived or not. Right now we are moving higher and that is the trend. Buy the dips or go long until the daily arrow turns red. This has been the trade since Dec. 31, 2014 when when JNUG first turned green on the weekly. The only laggard has been SLV which is still red for the weekly.

Gold is up $10 to $1,226.30 and silver up 16 cents to $16.58 to start trading in Asia. U.S. dollar is down below 92 taking a breather, sitting at 91.83.

Keep stops and look for JDST and other inverse ETFs when the trend changes.

For those who are looking to buy physical metal I still think you have plenty of time to purchase based on my indicators which I updated in the 2015 predictions article.

TNA finally petered out and TZA is possibly a trade over 12.63. While TNA didn’t break over the 80 mark, it came within $1 and is still a mark I thin will be taken out with TNA currently at 76.66 at present. In other words, I am still leaning long even with some of the terrorist activities that have some worried. Pre-market has the opening down just a bit at present.

UGAZ is trying to turn the corner at the $4 mark. Go long if it goes over 4.11 with stops. DGAZ if over 8.11. DGAZ has had an amazing run. Natural gas is down a couple cents at present.

UWTI continued lower as did oil. Go long if it goes over 3.60 with stops. Oil is down 77 cents at present.

Gold and Silver Stock Mining Package

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Gold and Silver Stock Mining Package

1-11-15 GLD Chart 1-11-15 SLV Chart 1-11-15 GDX Chart 1-11-15 GDXJ Chart 1-11-15 JNUG Chart 1-11-15 JDST Chart 1-11-15 NUGT Chart 1-11-15 DGAZ Chart 1-11-15 UGAZ Chart 1-11-15 TZA Chart 1-11-15 TNA Chart 1-11-15 USO 1-11-15 UWTI

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