Current Thoughts for 7/06/2016

Another day and gold along with silver move higher. But an interesting thing occurred today. Gold never broke it’s pre-market level hitting a higher high.  Gold’s high was $1,376 this morning and it got as high as $1,370.90 during market hours and waited for a higher mark of $1,327.50 after hours. Silver future’s high was $21.20 and it is presently $20.25.

Since we have not broke the highs of the overnight trading, and if we don’t overnight this evening, we may be headed for a dip soon. Either way, the jobs numbers on Friday will dictate what’s next for gold.

The dollar tried to make a move higher today but it was short lived. The dollar is still consolidating in a range since June 23rd and Brexit. It has NOT broken down as seen in the chart below. The dollar could very well dictate again the direction of gold from a micro perspective and a move over that 96.50 level should take gold down along with silver.

Dollar Index 7-6

In fact, I went long with a first tranche of  DUST today in preparation for a pullback, with stops in place of $1,380 in gold. I’m willing to take a jab at something beaten down like this a few times, with stops, when I am fighting a trend, because the reversal on it can be a 10% to 30% move quickly. I can make a few 1% loss trades to gain 10% to 30%.

Holders of physical gold may not care about day to day price movements, but I have been saying for those holding mining stocks that they should be cost averaging out of a position as we move towards $1,400. I see $1,400 as major resistance and pointed that out in my April article, Enjoy the Gold Bull While You Can.

Some good information for you on how gold fits into a diversified portfolio;

Financial advisors don’t understand gold, for the most part, because they are taught to sell mutual funds and bonds and REIT’s and claim that is diversification and if you want an inflation hedge, TIPS. Gold never once came up as an asset class and as many know, sits at the top of their pyramid as the most riskiest asset to own.

Here’s some reasoning that disagrees with most advisors as to what gold can do for a portfolio;

Gold in the Investment Portfolio

How Gold Improves Alternative Asset Performance

It doesn’t hurt that it also counters, much of the time, the U.S. dollar based risk of one’s portfolio, the things that U.S. advisors mostly put U.S. investors in; U.S. Mutual Funds, U.S. Bonds, U.S. Treasuries. This typically makes up 75% at least of one’s portfolio and this U.S. dollar risk is never addressed as advisors worship Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory and the “risk free” asset, the dollar.



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