Current Thoughts for 12/30/2015

`Today was a day where gold gave up trying to move higher and now we have to wonder whether we can break that $1,050 resistance overnight with China or have to wait till January. We are not seeing any strength in the metals. Silver also weak and under the $14 mark. I have a sneaky feeling with a light day of trading tomorrow that China may push the price lower overnight.

I have to make light of something said on CNBC by one of the hosts of Power Lunch. He was negative on gold all year and has been negative on gold for 5 years he said. Naturally this is the type of person who is never going to be positive on gold and I will simply mock once gold bottoms. Why do I make this claim? Because of his reasoning to not be in gold. Here is what he said today that I posted in the Seeking Alpha trading room;

The guy on Power Lunch just said something idiotic. He said try using gold in Armageddon, you’ll get 10 cents on the dollar for it. What will I get for dollars in Armageddon times? Why do these people think that currencies are, um, like gold, which has thousands of years of history as money. The dollar has 45 years without a relationship to gold. And now we have basically almost $20 trillion of debt that these blowhards never talk about backing the dollar. I’m not a return to gold standard guy but please don’t say gold will get 10 cents on the dollar in times of Armageddon and pretend the dollar will do just fine.

As I wrote a few days ago, I tracked all of the CNBC announcers the entire gold move up and they could not understand gold’s rise. They mocked it the entire move up and critique those who are pro gold the entire move down so far. Next year I get to begin mocking them again. I look forward to it.

CNBC also said something else today;

CNBC said this was the hardest year to make money than any year since the 1930’s.

I have to smile at that comment.

Why do I smile at that comment? Because we are simply doing fantastic with the ETF Trading Service. I had someone recently tell me that I do talk about it a lot in my Current Thoughts but if you have a talent as a painter, do you just paint or do you show off your work? If the painter doesn’t tell anyone, no one will know about how good their paintings are. I simply paint the market with good calls. Below is what a new trader emailed me today after reviewing my past calls. There is a 2 week free trial if one is interested. You can go to this link;

Since I finally got my access to your website I have enjoyed very much
reading your blogs. I have seen you make some phenomenal market calls
through your nightly reports and on your intra-day posts.

Next report is Sunday. Happy New Year everyone! I think you’ll finally be happy with my “all in” call coming in 2016!

I know I will be!




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