Current Thoughts for 12/27/2015

I listened to a video clip of the CNBC show Happening Now where two of the guests and the lady journalist who runs the show ganged up on Peter Schiff and his predictions about the Fed not raising interest rates and his calls to buy gold that have not worked out well for investors. Peter Schiff I have criticized on this site several times for his saying the dollar is going to crash which is his main reason for pushing gold. I recommend gold too but have been clear about how and why I say the dollar is not going to crash and if the dollar was going to rise, like I had been saying it would, it could put pressure on the price of gold. In fact, I have quite a large list of investors waiting for my all in article which I have been clear I will write when the price of gold is below $1,000. So far my indicators have not caused anyone to criticize my predictions as they have Peter Schiff.

I do challenge anyone who sells gold to show me how they have called the gold market better than me. But let’s be clear about one thing; gold is going to go much higher.

I’ll be coming out with more and more articles in support of gold this year and begin challenging the negative articles about gold as we get closer and closer to bottoming. After my “all in” article, you won’t find another soul on earth who is more bullish than gold and since I have been proven right on the way down, cannot be pigeon holed into the category of “you are bullish gold because you sell gold” as some may try to do. Anyone who tries that I will simply ask, show me where you have called the gold market long from 2000 to 2011 and lower from 2011 to 2016. Those who criticize gold NEVER were bullish gold, EVER.

Continued tomorrow.

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