When an investors decides to buy silver, they need to know where to buy silver at the lowest possible price in San Diego. What sets Buy Gold and Silver Safely apart from other Gold Dealers or Gold Coin Shops is we don’t have the overhead to pay for. While we can meet with clients if necessary at our headquarters in Downtown San Diego for investors to get to know us, what you need to know in buying silver is to just pay as little over the spot price as possible.

We here at Buy Gold and Silver Safely charge only a 1% fee above our wholesale cost. So whatever we pay for the metals we receive from the Mint or elsewhere, you just pay a 1% fee.

Buy Gold and Silver Safely works primarily on word of mouth and repeat business. You’ll see companies that advertise on Glenn Beck’s site or radio show as well as Sean Hannity’s show among many others. They pay a ton of money to advertise on these shows and henceforth push the ones who respond into high commission European coins or rare/numismatic coins that just don’t appreciate like Silver American Eagle coins or like bullion silver bars. These are the only products you need to insure your portfolio and profit at the same time.

Everyone knows that our government keeps growing larger and larger and the Fed keeps on printing more and more money to pay for things. The insurance that silver offers is what you need in battling the coming inflation when it comes. Don’t pay more for it than what you need to.

Call us at Buy Gold and Silver Safely and protect your wealth.