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Free Sample of the ETF Trading Service we offer. Each week we give out trades you can profit from. This week UWTI has got us over 8% of profit on half shares and over 11% on the remaining shares of the trade. You can sign up for the service with a 2 week free trial by going here: ETF Trading Service

Below is an example of what you’ll receive before each trading day. Alerts are sent live to your email when they trigger. Come profit with us!

Today’s Trade Alert

There were no new Trade Alerts today. Fed minutes were released and of course the market believes anything the Fed says and reacted positively to the “talk.” Nonsense. Futures moved from a nice down from the open, higher the rest of the day.

Trade Alert Updates

UWTI triggered long on the weekly at 23.38 on Monday and we took half off the table for a 8.16% gain at 25.29. Today we never hit the stop of 23.98 and after a down open it spiked higher and my leaning towards a bullish report came to fruition and rewarded us with a move over the 25.71 mark and over 26 now. Move stops to 25.20 and we’ll see now if we can hit the next target higher of 28.50. So far a return of 11.46% on the remaining shares and we’ll have to see now if we can get to 20%.
For those that might still be in ERX, it did get over 32.03 but no call at present. I like the fast movers better is all. Move stops up with a .50 cent trailing stop but I am not calling this one for the record.
DUST was a buy on a break of 5.11 for aggressive traders and it moved up 4.17% today. If aggressive traders bought it, they have been rewarded, but it has not triggered long yet. I’m still liking this play though and have added JDST and DSLV to the blue one to watch list.
News that Can Affect Tomorrow’s Trades
Initial jobless claims expected to be 266k is a gold and market mover. Philly Fed Manufacturing less so and Natural Gas storage comes out.

U.S. Stock Market

Yesterday I said we are very close to shorting the market but with the Fed minutes coming out I was hesitant to make any calls. FAZ (blue) was lower today and we’re just not ready to do this trade yet. I made a mistake and said SPXL and meant SPXS as a potential on the report yesterday. Hopefully you saw the report and knew what I meant. You’ll notice more red on the report below, but those hit before the Fed minutes were released, meaning we were establishing the trend but it was put on hold.

Call:  No call at present. Patience will be rewarded.

Foreign Stock Market

YINN and RUSL still green but BRZU and EDC turned red. I needed these to start turning and we should get some good mileage out of them when the opposites are called.

No call at present.

Interest Rates

TLT bounced higher and is an every other day green, but no call with it churning like this. Of course I still like it longer term.


UWTI is a hold for more profit with stops in place.

DGAZ and UGAZ no call. Natural gas report tomorrow may trigger something.

ERX I still like but just too slow. Stay the course if in it, moving stops up.

Precious Metals Market

DUST I had been attracted to and now like JDST and DSLV. No call as of yet but aggressive traders can buy any of these on a break of the high of the day for each (if not already in DUST this morning).

Other Calls

As I said yesterday, from time to time I will be adding individual ETFs that have triggered long or short based on market trends. These may or may not be leveraged. These types of trades will be more for longer term swing trades for IRA’s where we can catch a good directional rise. I care not what the overall market is doing with these calls and will provide entry and exit strategies.

2016-08-17_14-02-09 a 2016-08-17_14-02-40 b

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