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Dear ElliottWaveTrader.net Members,

Thank you for your interest in precious metals. Our goal at Buy Gold and Silver Safely is to offer the best prices for gold and silver bullion in the nation as we only charge a 1% commission above our costs. If there happens to be another company that might have a better price for a day or week or what have you, let us know and we’ll beat it.


Pricing can be found on store.buygoldandsilversafely.com or by clicking BUY GOLD AND SILVER on the menu bar.

Please bookmark for future reference. Prices are guaranteed to be the lowest and we monitor our competition weekly to stay the lowest. It’s a simple plan that works for you.

How to Order

We accept orders by phone 888-604-6534 and on our online store. The way the process works is you call in the order or order online and we lock in price at that time whether the price moves higher or lower. We collect some information from you as to where you want the metals sent and an email/phone and name for the account. You are sent a Trade Confirmation via email with the details of the trade and funding instructions. Again, if the price moves higher or lower, the price you are quoted is the price you pay for the metals.

When you phone in, please mention you are a member of Elliott Wave Trader.


Funding can be by check or wire transfer and a form with details will be attached to the Trade Confirmation.


We do not take cash and the $10,000 reporting requirement is for cash only if you were to buy more than $10,000 of a product and pay cash. There are no reporting requirements on purchases unless you buy five 1000 ounce silver bars or more or one 100 ounce gold bars are more. This reporting requirements by the IRS we find that most gold and silver investors don’t meet. Example; You can buy 10,000 ounces of Silver Eagles and there is NO reporting requirement of the sale. You can buy 200 one ounce Gold Eagles and there is NO reporting requirement of the sale. Only what is traded on a futures contract at the exchange is reportable per the above, which are the qualified metals for satisfying the contract.


Once funds are in-house, it takes 3-5 days for operations to process and you will then receive a tracking number. All metals are sent to the address you provide fully insured.

Check us out on the  Better Business Bureau  where we have their highest rating.

You can email us for any further inquiries. info@buygoldandsilversafely.com 




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Doug Eberhardt’s book Buy Gold and Silver Safely can be found on Amazon.com Click the book to buy