DSI data as of 3/4 shows some nice extremes and great opportunities coming in many areas.

What we did see is the dollar to 89 and gold and silver to the 80’s so far. What will a nice reversal in the dollar do for metals?

I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of what gold and silver can still do. Love to seem them hit 95+ before any potential pullback.

Soybean coming off the 95 mark nicely.

Palladium 91 and entering danger zone. CRB Index already there at 95.

Lumber coming off the 92 mark.


Euro FX 5. Wow.

Crude Light 96. Wow. Looking for the top there soon. Even with the war stuff happening.

Nat gas 90.

Gold and silver both 86.

S&P 22. Don’t mind an attempt at single digits again there either.

Nasdaq 27.

Volatility finally creeped above 50 to 53. What a turd.

Dollar 89 and at the highs.

Bitcoin hit 47 but couldn’t crack 50 and now back to 31.