T-Bonds approaching single digits as is the Euro Dollar but the Dollar Index has fallen now to 60 after being in the 90’s.

Aussie dollar moving up with gold. Canadian dollar too. And the Mexican Peso at 86/87 highs this week is pretty impressive.

Volatility is still in the 40’s and waiting for next move. Wouldn’t mind it lower.

S&P 32 up off of 26 but needs to break 38 for some momentum to over 50 potential.

Nasdaq same type of data.

Crude light hit 93 and pulled back to 88 but up today. If we hit 95 area I would contemplate SCO. All the data points to a pullback, with or without war stuff,

even though Peter Schiff says we could hit 130s. We could, but I’ve already listened to the data a few times and done well with SCO at a 93 short.

Platinum took a jump up.

Nat gas at 80 off of the 87 mark on 5/27.

Gold at 73 and been hovering at 74 top this week. Needs to stay above 68 for a continuation.

Silver at 55 same story, needs to stay above 46.

Lumber down to 10. How’s real estate doing? Not so well from what I read.

CRB Index off the high of 90 and down to 78. Taking a breather.

Nikkei has done better than the U.S. markets. 62 a new high for the week.

Lastly, Bitcoin down to 15 and hit 11 on 5/27. Closer to single digits but talk to me at year end. Love to see it closer to 5 or less before buying.