T-Bonds and T-Notes rising from the dead? All aboard?

S&P at 17 and a fresh low after a one day reprieve. Nasdaq also but a bit weaker at 12. Can still hit single digits but I would be cost averaging into longs without leverage right now. Would love some selling overnight after Google’s disappointing earnings. Buy it.

Swiss franc at an extreme low 5 now with Euro FX at 7, both new lows. British Pound also a fresh low at 7 with the Dollar Index at 95. The dollar is in now fully in a sell it mode.

Gold still holding 66 and 1900. Silver a bit weaker at 51. Gold miners there is no DSI for but they have fallen with the market. My data has them as extremely oversold and I would 100% be cost averaging into miners right now. Even with a bit of leverage. If you haven’t bought, you can use $1,895 break as your stop ($1,907.20 now) but not too concerned with a capitulation move. If it happened, it would be short lived. Silver up 11 cents after hours to $23.58 and held steady all day.

All of the above you should be able to make good profit from. No need to comment on anything else. All the above up for a bit.