In the last week we hit the 90’s in a few and single digits. We always reverse. That’s what my studies have shown of this since they started doing DSI as I have access to the historical data. Even in the 85+ level, which both gold and silver hit 87 is close enough to lighten up some on positions. Nat gas had a few days at 92 but today we got the reversal. You can at least make trades based on the above and keep a tight stop or build a position if you are at the extremes. After yesterday’s move up in Nat Gas, I rolled the dice with 15,000 shares of KOLD and sold today. Maybe too early but I don’t really care. Chasingpriceaction hedged at the right time as well. It’s ok to take the money and run but to have other data you use to keep you in longer our for that matter, out sooner, is what trading is all about. Personally I will be looking to buy the dip in metals and miners but like to see if we get continuation off of the levels we had. The problem for those looking for lower prices is the dollar is at 93 and at extremes. While gold and silver moved up with the dollar, it will be interesting to see what we get with a declining dollar (finally). Look also at the major league extremes (single digits) of what makes up some of the dollar; Yen, Euro and Swiss franc all around the 10 and some less mark. And look at how weak T-bonds and T-Notes have been. And the Nasdaq got to 15 and S&P 20 before a bounce. Not out of trouble yet but wouldn’t mind single digits for the easier trade long there.

Nat gas hit 92 and now 83. Crude coming off the highs and 75 today, about where it was 4/13 but off the highs overall.

Corn coming down off of 92. OJ off of 93. Lumber hit 11 and up a hair.

The data is missing 4/15 raw data but you get the numbers from next day for the most part.