T-bonds ticking up off of the 11 low, now 21.

S&P and Nasdaq highs of the week and on the other side of 60 now.

Volatility approaching single digits at 13 low of week.

Yen bounced off of single digits to 12.

US dollar at 82 down from 89 but needs to break 3/23 mark of 81 for a potential top to be in place.

Gold at low of week with silver and may trade inverse the dollar here soon. 1900 gold support broken but not

on a closing basis. Same with silver 24.50 support.

Crude hit 70 after touching 91. 73 now. DSI works there doesn’t it? Despite war issues. Profit to be made.

Nat gas hit 88 and falling back to 76. Following oil.

Soybean hit 91 and now 64.

Cotton hit 91 on 3/28 and maybe topped out with it at 83 now. Needs break of 77.

CRB Index falling too, down to 61.

Nikkei moving up to high of week at 74.

What’s the Fed going to do next? That’s the key.

As for gold, what are the banks doing? They still need to cover shorts so there is downside pressure and we’ll see what the dollar does and

if gold cares.

Gold and silver sales have still been non-stop.