What stands out? T-Bonds at 10 entering a buy area.

Yen at 7. Double bottom.


U.S. Dollar into the 70’s at 79 and still somewhat strong. Gold and silver both 71 and off their highs. But still hanging in there.

Gold and silver moved up with the dollar. At some point, we may see the “sell everything” come, and it will be a battle for value, and that value will be found in gold and silver. We have waited long enough and any pullbacks should be bought. 1900 support for gold and 24.50 for silver and don’t mind if we have one more trip lower because banks love doing that.

CRB Index at another high but most commodities have fallen from their extremes. Soybean bouncing back a little already.

Lumber falling to a new low.

Nat gas almost at extremes at 88.

Crude light at 85 coming off a 91 reading on 3/21. Might be time for a pullback. Especially as we approach November midterms. Something has to break there. But still I would take profits on any sharp move lower. We had one already that was lucrative for traders, and now back at highs again.

Bitcoin a new high at 53.