California Economics Professor Wants to Drive California Off a Cliff

Peter Navarro, Economics Professor, University of California; Irvine, recently wrote an article in his weekly newsletter entitled "California’s Budgetary Car is About to Drive Off a Cliff" In a nutshell, he is asking the California voter to vote tomorrow to pass the various measures that would increase taxes for its citizens.  To not do so, Peter says, would "raise taxes." Did you catch that?  If you don't vote for measures that will raise taxes, your taxes will increase! Specifically … [Read more...]

Is Warren Buffet Right About Inflation?

Warren Buffet agrees with me that higher inflation is in our future. I wrote about this likely outcome in February of 2008.  See what i had to say then and what Buffet had to say recently below.  Then read what I say about Buffet's incorrect presumptions about the future; 2/28/08 - Doug Eberhardt Which Would You Prefer, Higher Taxes or Higher Inflation? Guess what folks?  You're getting both.... 5/2/09 - Warren Buffet Buffett: Bailout Costs to be Paid Through Inflation Berkshire … [Read more...]

The Demise of GM and How the U.S. Is On the Same Course “As GM Goes, So Goes the Nation”

I truly believe a year from now we'll have many of the answers we've all been waiting for. I choose a year from now because once this Presidential political distraction is over with, and we've had another year of the continued crack up from the sub-prime mess and more bank failures, and more fed intervention (GM, Ford, possibly the airlines, state bailouts, followed by the bailout of the Pension Guaranty Association to name a few), we should have a good idea of what is left in the Fed's magic … [Read more...]

Which Would You Prefer, Higher Taxes or Higher Inflation?

Which Would You Prefer, Higher Taxes or Higher Inflation? Guess what folks? You're getting both...and it's not going to get better anytime soon! Journalist Melissa Lee was on the “Today” show on 2/27/08 telling “everyone” that they should be 75% in stocks and 25% in bonds because “that is the only way to beat inflation.” The problem with this statement is that journalists like Lee, and other financial advisers who want us to invest to “keep up with inflation,” don’t address the real problem … [Read more...]